What Would You Call Yours?

By Dale Preece-Kelly

What would you call yours? If you had a child, what would you name it? We’ve all played the game of what if….if i had a boy I would call it Kyuss Blake (named after my favourite band, and when shortened it would become Ky – Blake is what my wife thought my name was when we met and its actually a nice name), a girl would be Kyla Lily (Kyla is a made up name (I think) and Lily is my wife’s favourite flower).

A lot of people in modern times are plumping for less traditional names, and more for unique ones. Names like Eric and Peter and Alison and Margaret are being replaced with names like Alyssa and Marley and Armani and Kiara. Does this mean traditional names are dying out? Well names seem to do a cycle – they are used a lot (when I was at school there were lots of Richards and Stevens and Davids) for a few years and then peter (no pun intended) out. Some years later they become popular again. I have noticed this happening, even with unique names – all of a sudden there are 2 or 3 children with the same name, and I’ve never heard of it before – one such name has been used for a boy and a girl!

I think people have just become bored with conventional traditional names, and are looking for something more unusual, that will allow their children to stand out. It all started with celebrities beginning to give their children unique names Frank Zappa famously calling his children Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet and Diva Muffin! Ahmet is not so unusual, but the other 3? Unique! Bob Geldof with Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom and Pixie – all lovely girls names, but unusual. Then famously the Beckham’s with Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz – apparently all named after the place they were conceived, which is okay if you’re loaded and can afford to travel to exotic places. Trouble is we are not all so fortunate and may one day, end up with classes full of kids called Park, Back Seat, Skegness and Bed (how popular would that one be?!!)

So how do parents come up with these unique names? Well there’s always the internet, which is full of lists of unique names – not so unique if all of the world can see and use them! Some parents convert existing names – use the game of scrabble take an existing name and take away tiles to make a new one, such as Amand or Steen. Hybrid names, by combining two more traditional names to make a unique one like Alyssimon or Petron. Some parents just take a traditional name and spell it differently – Deylia. You can name your child after a famous person, a place, a colour, a flower, their characteristics – Patience, Hope – or even a planet!

Traditional names have their place – some of the most famous people have traditional names like Bob Geldof, Richard Branson, Elizabeth Windsor! I think unique names are fantastic though, we will have a world full of unique people (although people are unique in their own right!). I think a unique name helps develop confidence and character in our children – allowing them to stand out in the crowd. Choose the wrong one however, and you will be subjecting your child to a life of ridicule! So choose wisely.

With unusual best wishes for a unique place in life

Dale Preece-Kelly

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