Whole House Water Filters

By David Cassell

Many water purification systems are available to take the cleanliness and purity of your home drinking supply beyond the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Some people use water purification systems for their drinking water alone, but whole house water filters are available as well to provide clean water to your bathroom sinks and showers as well in order to soften your liquid and remove that chlorine odor or taste. Here are some different elements to consider when purchasing whole house water filters.

Well Filters

About 15% of Americans utilize private liquid wells for their drinking liquid according to the EPA. Well water purification systems are available also and can be attached to your main water supply, using many stages of filtration to clean and purify your houses water.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

In the same right, many whole liquid filters can be installed to main water lines and heaters if homes are utilizing a public water source. Typically, a reverse osmosis filter or a series of reverse osmosis filters are included in the whole house water filter’s design. This process applies pressure to one side of a semi permeable membrane, trapping harmful particles and allowing clean water to pass through.

Other Filtration Methods

Other filtration methods exist within whole housing liquid filters to trap particles that may not get filtered out with the reverse osmosis filters. Carbon filters are commonly used to trap chlorine and other harmful impurities that are too small to be trapped by reverse osmosis filters.

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