7 Things You Can Forget When You Have a Netbook

By Mika Staplesson

Those who are new to netbooks come from either no computer background, or they have some experience with desktop or notebook systems and there are habits they should shake off to live their life to the fullest with their new device. Not that they’re be all end all mistakes, but it always makes sense to make your life just a bit easier at a step.

1. The charger. Seriously, I don’t really know where my charger is. It’s either in the kitchen or my room, I’m not sure, somehow I manage to stumble upon it and get the mini charged every day, but don’t ask me where it is. It’s definitely not in my backpack though.

2. Gaming. I know it’s not easy to get rid of but I used to play eight hours at a time when I had a desktop computer, so it’s quite a positive result for me. I play some flash games here and there but I’m not into heavy gaming anymore.

3. Optical disks. To be honest I’m glad I’ve got rid of DVDs, they took too much space. First I had some concerns if I’ll be able to do everything on this little computer, but I’ve got to say that it occurred to me two or three times during the six months I’ve had it for. Everything is available online, on memory card or on pendrive. No need for optical disks.

4. Heavy bags. I’m glad my shoulders don’t fall off after a long day anymore and I’m glad this little one I have now weighs only 2.5lbs. Quite a positive change.

5. Short battery life. I don’t know if I’ve ever ran out of battery power during an important task with this netbook. I charge it every night when I sleep, or if I forget it then during the time I’m getting ready in the morning and that’s usually enough to get me through the day, and it’s not even the most efficient model out there, you can have much better ones now.

6. Privacy. Okay I admit this one sounds a little scary, but it’s not what you think. Now that I work in public places I often get that ‘look how cool that stuff is’ looks. I even overheard someone speaking to his wife about my netbook. He said that it’s just what he’s been looking at online and how awesome it is.

7. Your smartphone. You will still use it to make calls but who needs to play sokoban on a 3″ screen when they can do the same on a 10″ one. Much more comfortable, you can flip it open on the bus, on the train or while waiting for your number to pop up in the patient’s room. Some models even have Bluetooth so you can synch them with your phone without a USB cable.

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