Call of Duty Weapons

By Damian Mastylo

Call of Duty is a very well known game that is filled with pros that know the game, and the best guns to use, and those that don’t. There’s a word for them, but we’ll call them, “noobs”.

Noobs typically use nooby guns. Now you might be asking what guns are nooby? Well it obviously depends on the game you’re playing, but generally Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 are considered to be the most unbalanced game in the series, and the one with the most nooby guns.

In Call of Duty 4, there are a number of guns that are considered by pros to be nooby and very unbalanced and unfair. Does the grenade launcher ring a bell? If not, haven’t you heard and seen the infinite amount of “noob tube” insults that are thrown? If you want to be respected in the game, do not use the grenade launcher. It’s too easy to get kills, and people will chastise you for it.

Another gun typically looked down upon in the game is the P90. It’s a spray and pray gun that typically does not require much skill to use. Just hold down the fire button and hope some of the high RPM 50 rounds hit something or someone.

Modern Warfare 2 is the king of unbalanced games. There are too many guns in the game that are nooby to count, so you can find a better and more fleshed out list at Modern Warfare Guns. It will constantly be updated and added to if the public thinks something should be added or changed.

One of the nooby guns in Modern Warfare 2 is the Akimbo G18. Do NOT even get me STARTED on it. It takes no skill at all to use, and you can, in essence, spray snipe with it. The crosshairs are unrealistically small and gives you incredible accuracy. I want to punch my monitor when I get killed by these guns.

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