Ebb Hydroponics Maintaining the System

By Wayne Hunter

Ebb hydroponics systems are truly very easy to build, but just how often does the system need to flood and drain? There are actually several factors that can affect the number of cycles that you will need to flood and drain your hydroponic system. Here are a few of the factors that you need to know so that you can estimate just how many cycles you need to maintain your system.

First and probably the key factor in draining your ebb and flow hydroponic system is the actual size of the plant. Plants usually have tiny holes in their leaves called stomata which allows for the water to evaporate into the atmosphere. This is actually how plants feed themselves. Larger plants usually have more stomata so they tend to let more water evaporate. So it makes sense that the larger the plant is, the more times you need to flood and drain in order to keep its roots hydrated with the nutrient solution.

Second important factor is the growing medium being used for the hydroponic garden. There are a variety of growing mediums out there and each medium has its own absorption and retention rates. For example, in the case of clay pebbles and rockwool; clay pebbles usually need more frequent flooding and draining because they absorb nutrient solution slowly and retain it for less time than rockwool.

Lastly, is the type of plants themselves. Each type of plant has its own unique characteristics. There are some plants that are naturally more “thirsty” and thus need to be flooded and drained more often. That’s why in choosing the plants you will be growing, you need to know their watering preferences as well.

These are just some of the basic factors that greatly affect the number of cycles of flooding and draining in your hydroponic system. Aside from these factors, maintaining your ebb and flow hydroponic system should be relatively easy for you. You just need to watch out for other problems, like algae, that can affect the growth of your plants.

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