Free Annual Credit Report Businesses to Be Aware Of

By Kaitlin Landry

There are numerous free annual credit report scams out there online that many people are being trapped into. Knowing the signs of these free annual credit report scams can help you save money and being a victim of a scam. In order to prevent yourself from being a victim of a free annual credit report scam artist, you need to know what a report of your credit is in the first place. The government requires that the three largest credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, be able to offer a report of your credit every twelve months. In that free annual credit report you will be given your credit score which reflects your credit history on making payments on credit card bills. What many scam artists do is they pose as these credit bureau companies offering their credit score products yet they sell the free annual credit report with other unneeded services on top of that.

The thing to know is that your credit score is all that you really need. It holds your credit score which is important for you to determine whether or not you have been making your credit card payments on time. If you haven’t then your score will be low, but if you have been making your payments on time yet you have a low score, it might be possible that there are discrepancies on your credit score. It’s through these discrepancies that you can determine if you have been a victim of identity theft. Many scam artists will sell you a credit report along with identity theft protection. When it comes down to identity theft protection, you need to just keep an eye on your credit score and also be careful with who you share your information with. Additionally, shred all unneeded legal documents that might give away your identity. Many scam artists go through your trash and mail looking for your essential information like your Social Security Number. With that number alone they can create a credit card registered under your name. When they put all the bills on you, and you don’t make these payments, your credit score will reflect this failure. Protect yourself from identity theft with your free credit report not from a identity theft service that you don’t need.

Kaitlin Landry has been researching the credit reporting industry for 15 years.

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