Healthy Ways to Manage Hair Loss

By Andrew M. Miller

Thinning hair is a common problem among men. It can begin as early as 18 and last until a man hits his 40s, prolonging the suffering. A lot of men refuse to take hair-loss as inevitability. They are experimenting with different treatments on the market and paying a lot of money to find a cure. With so many options available, how do you know which ones will stop hair-loss and which are snake oil?

A lot of products advertise that they stop balding in men quickly. Some are all natural and provide the nutrients that your hair needs to make a difference. Let’s discuss a few known to be effective.

One of the best all natural treatments for hair-loss is something you probably use frequently for cooking. Olive oil, which tastes great in recipes, has also been shown to prevent hair-loss in men.

What you do, is massage the olive oil gently into the scalp. It works by penetrating the pores to release dirt and oil which may have been clogging hair follicles below the surface and preventing hair growth. Olive is great because it’s easy to find and costs very little. It’s all natural way for men to stop hair loss. You can also visit your local herb or natural foods shop and look for palmetto extract.

A lot of people are familiar with palmetto extract since it is often prescribed by doctors to men in their 40s for good prostate health.

So how does palmetto extract work? In studies, it has been shown to block the major cause of hair loss, a hormone called DHT.

So why not try a natural approach to preventing hair loss? They have been proven to prevent hair loss in many cases and are less expensive than medical treatments.

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