How to Win Your Ex Back After You Have Cheated

By Wilbur A. Straus

Break ups, more often than not, are a result of one party cheating on the other. However, it usually happens that when you are no longer, you suddenly realize that you really love your ex after all and you cannot live without him or her. Now, your main problem will be how to win your ex back. Though you try to tell your ex that you did not mean to do it and promise to never do it again, it will no longer be that easy to convince him or her. So, to help those people who want to win back their ex after cheating, here are things that you must first know.

• Never use the “temporary insanity plea” as an excuse on how to win your ex back. People who use this excuse say that they weren’t in their right senses, making them loose their ability to judge what is right and wrong because of drunkenness or probably being high on drugs. But, you must know that even in the highest courts, intoxication is never an excuse. Yes, you might be intoxicated but this does not mean that you will commit something that you do not really want to do.

• Saying that your cheating did not mean anything at all will not help even a little in how to win your ex back. In the first place, why have you done it if it means nothing? This outright lie will just make things worse, probably even anger your ex. What was already wrong cannot be corrected by an equally wrong solution.

• Temptation is not also a good word to use when you want to win back the love and trust of your ex. Do not forget that if you did not want to be tempted, you will never be tempted. These temptations are part of your everyday life. It entirely depends on you on how you will handle them properly.

There is indeed a lengthy list of cheating excuses. But the real issue here is that these excuses will not aid you at all. Coming up with excuses will only make an impression that you are underrating the intelligence and common sense of your ex. It will be like an insult and for sure, you do not want your ex to feel insulted. Be repentant and admit your mistake up front, that is the best way to do on how to win your ex back.

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