Latest Mobile Phones The Order of the Day Here

By Raina Kelsey

A major reason for this is that it is UK that gets to see the release of most new and latest mobile phones. Let us take the example of the Apple iPhones. Immediately after its launch in the USA, the place of its origin, it got a release here. Similar is the case with the Research in Motion produced Blackberries. Most smarpthones of Nokia and Samsung see the light of day first in our country and then only elsewhere. Of course, some of these models are given a universal launch by their manufacturers.

Imagine getting the HTC Wildfire and HTC Desire already in your friendly neighbourhood dealer when it has yet to be released in most countries.

Latest cell phones have become the order of the day here. Latest phones get to avail of one of the finest network carrier services in the form of O2, Orange, 3 Mobile, T-Mobile, Vodafone, and Virgin Mobile. These network operators see to it that the latest mobile phones are extended maximum possible support in the form of connectivity and marketing. These networks come up with such wonderful cheap mobile phone deals that is is not surprising at all that most of these latest mobile phones are a success here.

Latest mobile deals for the latest phones. That has been the reality so far. Where else can you hope to buy an Apple iPhone and a blackberry for as low a sum as £ 20 to £ 40 per month for two years. These prices are, even after taking into account the difference in foreign exchange, cheaper than the USA their originating destination.

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