Love Me Do How to Keep a Relationship Afloat

By Farnall Hayles

Most of our adult lives are spent navigating the treacherous minefield of relationships. Love, lust or keeping your relationship with your better half intact can sometimes be skewed.

Experts all over the world recommend a few simple tips to keep those sparks flying. Welcome to fickle love in the new millennium. Don’t squeal and scream on talk shows, just follow some basic ground rules.

Me, Myself and me – DIY:

Since men were cavemen, and women were (ahem) cavewomen, there always has been friction. So, when research indicates common sense, we thought it best to reiterate the basics. DIY (Do it Yourself) means women will appreciate the men who lives up to responsibility. Both of you should avoid the tendency to go overboard; control freaks usually have tragic ends.

Effective Communication:

Relationships depend on this. Share, learn and enjoy. Subtle vibes can be transformational. Make an effort to listen and talk effectively. There are two sides to every story.

Let’s get the party started:

Parties brighten up your life. If you’re suffering from blues, invite some of your buddies and have a poker party. Life is enticing if you can imagine alternatives. Your creativity can make experiences memorable.

Show That You Care:

Modern love is a complex affair. To keep your relationship alive, give gifts. There can be a lot of strife over the small stuff, but believe in making amends. The charm can linger on, only if you try daily. Give bouquets, diamonds or expensive clothes – variety can tilt the balance.


Distance makes the heart grow fonder. If you are in a long distance relationship, make a surprise visit. This evokes considerable warmth of feeling. It will also add more spice to love if you were getting jaded.

How To Stay Apart

This may sound like a misnomer, but if you believe in love, then learn to keep some distance from your partner.

There are simple ways to do this. Send your spouse to her parents, so that they can catch up. We suggest you spend some quality time alone. It will give you freedom and the opportunity to miss each other. Faltering relationships will flourish.

Make Decisions Together

We make choices daily. Some decisions are critical, some are just routine. Moving house, redecorating, mowing the lawn – there’s a huge list of items that demands your undivided attention. You may expect things to happen quickly, your spouse may not agree. Ensure that there is no expectation mismatch.

Spice Up Your Life

Try new things daily. Go on the next cruise to Antarctica. If you do things you really like, we guarantee that not only will your happiness quotient increase; your relationship will only be sunnier.

A Love Pivot

Clinging relationships are cruel. You are just floating aimlessly through life, with no hope in sight. Love gurus opine that bringing the zing back requires planning.

Adopt a child. If you like pets, get something exotic. We are positive that sparks will fly.

Understand Hidden Expectations

There may be many things left unsaid. Be aware of how your relationship is heading. Not vocalizing your ideas will lead to an expectations mismatch.

Somebody said there’s a sucker born every minute. Make sure that your relationship does not go down the drain. Try to listen to your partner and derive deeper meaning from things that may be swept under the carpet. If both of you are on level, your relationship will only flourish.

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