Rain Chains An Aesthetic Charm To Your Home

By Sophie Dicousta

Rain chains are being considered as a functional and affordable device that provides a sense of comfort to the user. They were originated in Japan. The procedure of handling them is comparatively simpler than a down spout. It consists of lots of benefits and has a huge scope for varieties. These are a fashionable, functional and affordable devices that add elegance and charm to your home.

History: These were firstly used by Japanese who used to pronounce them as “kusari doi.” Japanese has been placing them in their homes to collect rain water and to use that later when needed.

The procedure of working with rain chain is quite simple as rain chain is a series of trinkets connected with a chain which is tightly attached to an opening called gutter. Water keeps on flowing from the upper trinket and continues till it ends up to a final barrel. These cups are available in various types of options which give a wider scope to the user to choose the chain according to his taste and preference.

Varieties available:- When it comes to the varieties, it becomes very difficult to choose in reference to their shapes, styles, size and material these chain is made from. Generally these are made of wood and ceramics but their containers may be elegantly crafted and plainly styled. Some of the people like small number of larger containers and other prefers multitude of small containers. We may choose a chain made of copper that will naturally transform according to the time.

They are easy to install and move we can replace them easily if we want to try different style.

Merits:- It’s very beneficial for the beauty of the house and as they are made of copper which is Eco-friendly so they protect the atmosphere as well. It is quite convincing that, these are a better alternative as compared to down spout. Rain chains give a soothing sound which appears pleasant to the ears and they have an impressive visual sight which compels people to install such an effective device.

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