Sim Free Phones and Sim Only Deals The Ultimate Couple

By Jenilia Smith

Move over Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, your time has passed. The title of the hottest couple goes to – Sim Free phones and Sim Only Deals. The mobile phone industry in the UK is rife with cut-throat competition. Service providers are willing to give away amazing gifts like LCD TVs, PS3s and Xbox360s just to make sure that a potential customer goes through with his purchase, and later on, sticks with the connection.

In this dog-eat-dog world, multiple network service providers provide many different connectivity options. The most popular among them being, contract phones, pay as you go phones (PAYG) and Sim Free phones. In a contract connection, the user enters into an agreement with the networks service provider, binding himself to one network for a period of 12 to 24 months (depends on the deal offered). In return for this loyalty, the network providers gives the user various deals, discounts and free gifts. However, many people are not comfortable with binding themselves in a contract and paying hefty monthly charges. These users generally opt for for PayG or Sim Free phones.

With PayG phones, the users have their accounts credited with a certain sum and as and when they use the connection, the relevant amount of money (with respect to the amount of usage) is deducted from their accounts.

Sim Free phones, on the other hand, provide the greatest flexibility to the users. They are generally preferred by people who do not want to be bothered with large monthly bills or by those who travel a lot and want to avoid roaming charges. Like the name suggests, Sim Free Phones are phones which are bought without a sim card. These handsets can be bought from the showrooms of all major mobile phone companies or through the network servicer providers. Contrary to popular belief, the phones available in the Sim Free category have all the latest features and are available in a myriad of colors that are sure to please even the most stylish customers.

However, just like two halves of a whole. Sim free mobiles are useless without a Sim Card. This is where Sim Only Deals come in. Since the users are not bound by any contract, they have no restriction on the number of Sim Cards they can buy. The only ‘limitation’ is that they have to give their existing network providers a notice period of one month before they can buy another connection. Network providers also give various offers and deals with their Sim cards, such as – Free connection and ‘X’ amount of free minutes and messages.

Sim Free mobile phones along with the Sim-Only deals form the ultimate combination, where individuals can get the best of everything – Mobile phones at cheap rates, Sim connection with attractive offers and no binding contracts.

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