Types of Anxiety Disorders The Importance of Understanding Them

By Michal Vogas

An anxiety depression is classified as abnormal behavior in various situations that cause psychological fear and stress when in a certain predicament. Everyone reacts to anxiety differently no matter how young or old they are, and at some point most people have had an anxiety problem. Most anxiety disorders have a group of symptoms that occur during the anxiety attack. They can include excessive sweating, cramping in the abdomen, physically shaking, and headaches.

Generalized anxiety panic is the most common condition. It can develop in adults and children, but is most common in older adults that have already matured. It causes persistent fear of the world around you and can make going out in public a difficult challenge.

Panic disorder is another type, but more serious than GAD. It involves extreme panic in situations that are normal for everyday life. Individuals can have a panic attack trigger for any length of time, and it can be set off by different situations. Some people have a panic attack during a very specific case, for others it happens out of nowhere.

Phobias are also a type of anxiety disorder. There are hundreds of phobias that are under this condition, and are quite difficult to live with without treatment. Phobias are different from fears however, since those with a phobia can overcome them more easily than someone with a fear.

Social anxiety depression is caused by fear of public and social situations. Those with social anxiety disorder may feel extremely frightened when forced to speak in public or be around people. Blushing, sweating, and trouble formulating words are common in those with social anxiety depression. This is often one of the most difficult to live with anxiety disorders because it involves isolation from people and those that could help you.

OCD, otherwise known as obsessive compulsive disorder is characterized by obsessing over one thing. Someone with OCD will have to do a specific task in a specific manner, or else they panic. Individuals with OCD are interesting because each person has a different obsession and some people have unique ones that are more difficult to live with, such as not being able to touch doorknobs. Other OCD conditions are sometimes linked to various anxiety disorders as well, so they are particularly multi-faceted and difficult to treat.

Anxiety disorders are no doubt a special type of condition that can make living a normal life a complete challenge. The good news is that they are fairly easy to treat with the right medication and therapy combination. Treatment is especially important for anxiety conditions because without them the individual with the condition can suffer in day to day life. Taking control of your anxiety disorder can allow a safe and healthy life to take form and allow you to live normally.

Ativan (Lorazepam) is a drug indicated for the treatment of anxiety, generalised anxiety disorders, depression, addiction withdrawal, insomnia and muscle tension.

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