Walk Run Half Marathon Training

By Sheldon Richland

Walk run training is… well what the name says. It consists of running then walking and repeating the process in order to lead up to the point where you are able to run a daunting 13.1 miles. Many people hear the word “half marathon” and think, oh yeah that’s easy I can run a half marathon just because it is half of a real marathon. Well my friend WAKE UP it is 13.1 miles. Not anyone can run 13.1 miles. It can also be a cause of major injuries and fatigue. That is why training is so vital it builds up strength,muscle and most importantly prevents most injuries the best that it can.

Many beginner runners choose to run the half marathon prior to attempting the big scary marathon. It is actually a very good decision to run the half marathon first. As it teaches you how to stay disciplined to a training program and how to train also. One of the hardest aspects for many runners is what program to train on. I recommend the walk run method solely because it gives your body enough time to recover and it rarely causes serious injuries that cause lapses in training.

So how do you get a walk run program. Simple you can make one or buy one. I personally would say that beginners should buy one because what first time half marathoner know whether a 4 minute run followed by a 30 second walk is better as apposed to a 5 minute run with a 1 minute walk?

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