What Does a Certified Nurse Assistant Actually Do?

By Rowena Fernandez

If you’re little confused about picking a path to venture into for tertiary education but just don’t know what to pick then maybe knowing what the jobs you’ll get later on is all about will help you. If being a certified nurse assistant is on your list, then this is for you. Read on and find out what does a CNA do.

Just like its name, a nurse assistant is a certified help that can assist nurses in various sectors be it in hospitals, private clinics, schools and universities, nursing homes and so on. Under the direct supervision of the nurses, they provide the most care to the patients and to those in need. Sounds easy? Think again. If you’re going to take on this career path, make sure you’re patient, dedicated and loving towards the many different types of people.

A typical day at work would start off with the morning rounds. The CNA is required to visit each patient and perform the basic checkups such as taking temperature, checking the patients pressure and monitoring other vital signs. After each patient, a report form should be filled up and only then will the nurse move on to the next patient.

Once the rounds are done, the CNA should check it with the patient and see if they’ve eaten their food and have taken their medication at the right dosage. Besides that, they would also be responsible for the comfort of the patient so they would need to check if bedding’s and sheets need to be changed or if there’s any need to relieve the patient from personal comfort such as trips to the bathroom or turning over to avoid bedsores.

In addition to that, they can also prepare surgical equipment and scrub in for certain surgeries to pass on tools and so on. Also, CNA’s will also fill up whatever documents and paperwork there is regarding medical history, conditions or even insurance at times. All in all, certified nurse assistants do quite a bit of work, so if you’re thinking about taking on this job, make sure you do it with passion or you might not love it the way others do.

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