Why You Should Consider Video Blogging

By Amuro Wesley

Compared to typical video marketing in websites, video blogging is a much easier and more economical way to make money online. You do not need to spend money getting domain names and web hosting accounts although I encourage you to do so later when you earned some money. Instead you can get free accounts at free blogging sites such as Blogger, Vox or WordPress etc just to name a few. If done right, your video blogs can be just as influential as website videos. For a start, you can get a laptop with a webcam or a separate webcam if you already have a laptop but is an older version. You can also consider buying a software at Camtasia which is now commonly used by most internet gurus in their video marketing campaigns.

After you have written your articles and inserting all relevant images to your blog, you can start uploading videos directly from your webcam or Camtasia. Alternately you can go to video sites such as YouTube, Viddler, Daily Motion or Animato, upload your videos and copy the embedments before pasting in your blog’s HTML editor. Video blogging is not really as difficult as what most people think. First of all, you can go to those video sites I mentioned above. Look for topics relevant to your blog contents. For instance if you are writing about weight loss, you may type in the keywords how to lose weight effectively? Next watch and listen how those people present themselves.

Once you got the genes of how video presentation should be done, go back to read your blog. Break those paragraphs into bullet point forms in your notebook or PowerPoint presentation. Then give a brief summary under those bullets. After doing all those, write a brief introduction of yourself and create a question you think most people will be wondering. If you are writing about weight loss, you can start by asking Have you been trying all means and ways to lose weight? Then you assume them by saying If so, you are not alone before introducing yourself and your product as a solution to their problems.

Once you have written and know what to say, learn to present through the webcam or Camtasia. Keep practising until you got it all right. Once you got everything right, you can save and start uploading your video through those video sites and then to your blog. This is how you create your video blog and why you should consider video blogging since it is much easier as compared to other internet marketing techniques.

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