Becoming Your Best Self Easily and Effortlessly Make it Happen!

By Louise Kaelin

If we’re working on becoming our best self, we almost always have goals that we’re trying to manifest, as that is part of the process.

What I find really interesting is that it’s not enough to want what we want, we also have a need to manifest our desired object easily and effortlessly, yet most of us don’t really believe that is possible. I think that is because we confuse “hard work” or even “work” with “struggle”.

The primary difference between hard work or work and struggle is that one is a positive experience and the other is a negative one. We’ve all had moments when it is a complete joy to roll up our sleeves and get working on something. This is when we our desires, skills, interests, talents are all lined up and “in alignment”. Not matter what the work is, when we love it, it never feels like work.

Struggle, on the other hand, means that we are not in alignment, that one or more piece(s) of the puzzle are way off to the left, when all the remaining are way off to the right. Suddenly, the whole process becomes a tremendous effort and, sadly, has little chance of success.

What most of us don’t realize is that a big factor on whether we work hard or struggle is what we believe about how success can be achieved. For example, if you’ve been brought up on beliefs like “No pain, no gain”; “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is”; “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”; “Nothing good comes easy” and the like, it will be very difficult for you to let yourself go and believe that you can create the good things you want easily and effortlessly.

The good news is that, if you’ve internalized all those beliefs and made them your own, it is possible to work at changing them into beliefs that support and bolster your efforts. It is surprising to me how often we have bought into the beliefs that surrounded us as a child without even being aware of them. In fact, many of us feel we have escaped what we saw as limitations our family and background suggested were “natural”. Yet, no matter how far away from that life we think we have gone, we are shocked to discover that we have the exact same beliefs underneath. No wonder why getting where you’ve gotten has been so hard.

The first step I recommend is to be open to the idea that it IS possible to create what you want easily and effortlessly. You’ll be surprised how just being willing to consider that there is an alternate way to look at life can open yourself up to “easy and effortless!”

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From Louise Morganti Kaelin – Become Your Best Self and Live Your Best Life!

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