Best Exercises to Lose Weight

By Marta Holden

You would be forgiven if you thought that the best exercise to lose weight was running for hours on end. It is what is commonly thought amongst people, and it is a natural thought. Running does burn calories, energy that you need to lose in order to drop the weight, however there are more effective ways to lose weight. A lot of us don’t have the time to be doing something for more than an hour, and we want to use out time wisely when it comes to exercise. The best exercise to lose weight fast is one that you are going to burn the largest amount of calories in the shortest amount of time.

Cardio To Lose Fat

Cardio is still an effective way to burn calories, it is just that if you are really looking to speed up your weight loss then you should be looking at doing some more higher intensity word. The thing is that if you are a beginner, your body is not used to it and it is better to start with some low intensity work, like walking or slow jogging. As you get better you can slowly bring up the intensity. The most effective way to burn calories when you are doing cardio work is to do interval training. This is when you do exercise at a high rate for a short time, followed by a slow rate for a short time, rinse and repeat. Doing this will ensure that you burn a lot of calories and can be applied to almost any form of cardio, such as running and bike work. If you are looking for the quickest way to lose weight then this really is one of the best exercises to lose weight.

Strength Training To Lose The Weight

Something that quite a lot of people unfortunately miss out on is strength training. Strength training is something that can really kickstart your metabolism and get you going because you are working at a very high intensity. You will always be lifting reasonably heavy, and your muscles have to work pretty hard, if you are doing full body workouts it is even better. You will burn calories more efficiently and build more muscle which will help to speed up your metabolism. If you are trying to lose fat and have not added it to your program then you are definitely missing out. It is definitely the best exercise to lose weight quick.

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