Bringing in Natural Elements

By Linda A Hammond

Your home can reflect natural elements by using a variety of materials to decorate it. By beginning with earth tones in the colors you choose and incorporating natural fibers for your upholstery, you will be on a greener course to your home d├ęcor. With nature in full bloom, your earth tones don’t have to be dull, just look outside and see what colors are available.

Having just returned from a trip to Phoenix, I am reminded of the beauty of the surrounding desert. The chartreuse color of the palo verde trees in bloom against the blue skies was spectacular and the saguaros were in full bloom with white bouquets on their arms and crowning their tops, while the cactus wrens poked in and out of their nests. The sages were showing off their purple colors and ocotillos were looked like they were on fire with their flame blossoms lighting their tops.

With summer close at hand, now is a good time to bring out decorative items that remind you of great some great vacations; whether it is at the beach or mountains or desert. Consider a tall glass cylinder filled with a layer of sand and a candle and a few pretty shells collected while strolling along the beach; or fill the container with all shells, facing the prettiest ones around the outside edge where you can see and enjoy them.

Try using river rocks to fill the top of house plant containers; they will help keep the moisture in during our hot summers.

You can create an interesting still life with some succulent plants and a few pebbles or stones for a centerpiece or focal point on a favorite table or entry. Often forgotten is the fact that the inside entry area can do with a bit of flora just like the outside of our home. Consider filling a large urn or tall ceramic pot with plastic peanuts to take up space and keep the pot as light as possible, and then planting only the top area with a structural plant and add a cascading plant. You can add an annual for some color but it probably won’t last too long indoors. This concept can be used inside or outside, but use plants that will adapt well to either location respectively, creating interest inside as well as outside your front door.

Remember to water your inside arrangements away from your furniture and make sure drainage is complete before you return them to their display area.

Santa Clarita resident Linda Hammond, a certified member of the Interior Redecorators Network is an experienced decorator specializing in one-day room makeovers. My company, Designs Refined works with you in your home to economically achieve a comfortable environment for you and your family. I am also available for the design of professional and home offices

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