How to Prepare Your Body For Hitting the Beach

By Dane C. Fletcher

If you still have a few months to go before summer, then you have ample time to tack in any evidence of the chicken roast you’ve been overindulging in. you don’t want to hit the beach and flaunt the beer belly you got when you went out with the boys a bit too much. Winter especially makes you body go on a go slow. Not only don’t you feel like going to the gym, but you just wish you could stay cuddled in bed for the rest of the cold, chilly day. By the time summer comes, you were out of shape months ago. We’ll don’t fret, you are still not beyond redemption.

First of all you need to lose those extra pounds around your tummy and thighs. A good way of doing this is making a bold step and renewing your gym membership which probably expired months ago. You can start off moderately as your body readjusts to working out. Then you can start doing some High Intensity Training together with resistance training. If you have never hit the gym ever in your life, then just take it easy. Start slow as your body builds more muscles that will enable you to loose weight and also to do even more intense exercises with time.

Now, it’s summer time. Here is what to do before you hit the beach with all the confidence you can gather. First things first, what will you wear to the beach? If you are in shape then your choice won’t be as hard. Just wear a bikini that flaunts what your mama gave ya! For men, you can wear nice shorts that aren’t too tight on the ass and leave your shirt at home! If there are still areas of your physique that you’re still not comfortable with, it’s not the end of the line for you. Get beach wear that will hide your flaws and emphasize more of your strong points.

A for what to do to make you look even better in your beach wear, here are some helpful tips. First of all, get a nice even tan that will give you that Amazonian look that’s just totally sexy. Apply some nice moisturizer and body oil all over your body just ensure that you don’t look like a fish in a frying pan! If you don’t have a good posture, then this is one thing that you really need to work on. Ever seen a hot beach babe with a slouched back? If you’ve never gone for a professional pedicure than it’s time you did so. Complete the look with well groomed toes.

Now more than ever you need to keep your body well hydrated. During summer your body looses a lot of water because of sweating and believe me this is not the season for you to have dull looking skin. Drink as much water as you possibly can which will make your face clear and give your skin a natural radiance that you won’t get just by using moisturizers.

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