Lego 2010 Review Lego Collectible Minifigures Series 1

By Inger Fountain

A major part of playing with or collecting Lego has been the fun minifigure designs. Whether they are representations of characters we know from books or films, fantastical figures of Lego’s imagining from space and beyond or small plastic versions of regular people throughout history and the contemporary world, the minifig has always symbolised Lego’s fun and playable style.

In 2010 Lego is taking this love for their little people and is releasing a series of single minifigures designed to be sold as stand-alone and collectible pieces. The first wave of the Lego Collectible Minifigures, released in May 2010, included 16 figures that come with a range of different looks and accessories.

They are limited edition pieces that will be phased out of production after a time and with their unique designs and low price point are designed to be swapped and traded amongst fans and will no doubt demand high prices on the secondary market. They are offered for sale in small opaque plastic bags and it is not possible to determine what is contained inside. All of this of course increases Lego’s brand awareness and reputation worldwide.

The first wave of figures include a Demolition Dummy, Forest man, Cowboy, Super Wrestler, Zombie, Ninja, Cheerleader, Skater, Tribal Hunter, Circus Clown, Magician, Deep Sea Diver, Robot, Nurse, Caveman or Spaceman. They are all highly distinctive and a lot of fun. Early polls online indicate that fans are favouring the Cheer Leader, Forestman and the Zombie as highlights of this wave.

If you are wondering whether this is just a rehash of old figures keep in mind that the vast majority of the body parts (hair, torso, legs, heads) and accessories (syringes, trumpet, pom poms, etc) are brand new. That is they have never been used for sets before and given the limited nature of these figures, chances are they may not be used in the future.

For young and adult fans this means that they can now create caveman scenes for the first time or recreate the zombie scenes from “Shaun Of The Dead” or “28 Days” with authentic Lego body bits. At $2 per figure it is such an accessible way for fans to expand their Lego collection in a satisfyingly fun and highly addictive way.

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