Luxury Baby Blankets Give Mom and Baby the Gift of a Good Nights Sleep

By Erica A Brooks

Looking for a blanket for your baby? Know someone who is going to have a baby? Shopping for a new baby is always fun and exciting, and not just for the parents. Of course you’ll want to get one that both the parents, and especially the baby, will love. How about a luxury baby blanket? This way a baby can feel safe, loved, and comfortable. There are so many different kinds of blankets you can get. There’s more of a variety in what you have to choose from when ordering online.

If you’re environmentally minded, you could go with a luxurious organic blanket. Not only are these blankets eco-friendly, they’re also perfect for any type of occasion. Organic blankets are soft and pretty, and they’re also tough enough for every day use. These blankets should be hand washed in lukewarm water, otherwise they may shrink or the fibers could break. For the first week these blankets don’t need washing because they’re self-cleaning in a way, the baby’s urine reacts with natural chemicals in the wool of the blanket forming a kind of soap.

There are also fleece, flannel, and cotton blankets that will keep a baby nice and toasty warm, and they can be machine washed. Fleece blankets should be washed in cold water and dried on low. Flannel blankets on the other hand, should be washed in warm water and dried at medium. Cotton blankets can be washed in warm to hot water and dried at a medium to high heat setting. White cotton blankets can also be bleached with chlorine bleach. A color safe bleach will work on dyed cottons. For a lightweight blanket perfect for summer, you could get a nice silky blanket for the wee one. Silky blankets are machine washable and dryable, and some get softer with each wash!

A lot of blankets can be personalized, which is a lot easier to do if you’re shopping online. You can get a blanket personalized, no matter which kind of fabric you choose for the blanket. In a monogrammed blanket, the baby will be comfortable, look adorable, and it will be their own special blanket. A personalized blanket will also make a very nice keepsake for when the baby has grown. So order a blanket or more that the new baby will love and want to keep around forever, and maybe that baby will pass it down.

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