Products Do Not Create Business, People Do 5 Positives in Network Marketing

By Eric J Smith

Try and picture this, A fully researched Multi Million-dollar company with Hundreds of Excellent products ready to go. A Business plan and compensation model that beats anything in its industry. The shipping company has been booked and stamps have been licked. Everything appears in order but it feels like something is missing.

Where are all the people? The products are not going to buy themselves. Products are a necessary part of the buying process. But they are not the Business. Network Marketing is a Marketing model designed to put people in front of products. Products on their own do not create business. People without products do not create business. Business is the result of the supply process between consumer and a product.

There are several positive benefits to the Network Marketing model in relation to the supply of product to a consumer and the creation of business.

  1. Network Marketing cuts out the middleman. Product is supplied directly from the Manufacturer to the end consumer. Cutting out unnecessary storage and travel of products, especially health related products have many social and environmental benefits.
  2. Network Marketing uses the duplication of the business supply model to create both product flow and income for independent representatives. Income is derived from the portion of the product cost that would have otherwise been taken up in warehousing, transportation, promotion and retail costs.
  3. Network Marketing is an environmentally friendly supply model. Home delivery reduces the need for shop fronts and cuts back on the number of cars on the road.
  4. Products promoted through a Networking (Marketing) model are often unique to a target group or market segment. Placing products in Supermarkets that have a unique user appeal is too costly. Only a small number of people are going to see a unique product on display. The cost of shelving the product would be far more than what people would be prepared to pay.
  5. The Network Marketing model puts opportunities for business in front of more people than any other type of business. The cost of starting a Network Marketing business is usually less than $500. Compared to thousands for a Franchise model.

The supply of products and services to consumers is the creation of business. Without people there is no business. The same philosophy applies to Business to Business transactions outside of the Network Marketing model. In B2B transactions Business is created with the supply of a product or service from One business to another. The principles are the same as with consumer products.

Eric J. Smith is Independent Representative for ONEgroup, manufacturers of the Miessence product range. For further information on the ONEgroup Business package please visit – Eric is committed to assisting his team build successful Organic Marketing Businesses.

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