Stephen Jankowskis Bury the Competition (An Honest Review of the Training Program)

By David James Boozer

Bury the Competition is a new Internet marketing training program designed to help traditional businesses begin to effectively market and brand themselves, products and services on the Internet. So can this training program from Stephen Jankowski truly help the traditional business find its way from the yellowbook and paper ads to free or low cost advertising online? Here is an honest review.

Bury the Competition, a.k.a Local Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses, was created by Stephen Jankowski a well known Internet marketer and former attorney. The training program with BTC will come at a cost of $197 a month for the 6 month internet marketing training course. The program is designed to take the traditional business and within a 6 month period, literally have the business effectively marketing and branding itself online driving quality traffic each and every day. For many traditional business owners the cost of “traditional” advertisement has not only become more expensive, but in all honesty, it has become less favored and of course less viewed. For many owners the Internet has been the most wanted place to be, but even it has had its costs.

The BTC training program does come at a low cost which anyone would be able to afford, even in a bad economy, where many have spent thousands, here it is not so. The system will be designed on a continuity type structure as training systems are concerned. The trainings will consist of everything from article marketing to creating blogs, video and for the most part, the system will teach how to properly and effectively rank in the search engines. Each week will include a new video tutorial and homework, yes homework. To effectively market online the work has always had to be done and it will be no different with the Bury the Competition program. The business owner is not alone however, for many they will have access to a few master affiliates and or founding members who have already seen success with the training and program from Stephen Jankowski.

Bury the Competition in further review does have what many other Internet marketing training programs do not offer, it offers that hands on feel and a full spectrum training. For the business owners who have tried fruitlessly with other programs and individuals being charged thousands in the process this could be just the right and affordable program they have been looking for. The BTC has a hands on feel and a full training program for the traditional business owner to once and for all take the reigns into their own hands, and begin to effectively market their business(s) on the Internet and, begin to drive solid, quality and continual traffic to themselves, products and or, services.

Through proven training and solid effort, David J. Boozer has transitioned from a successful top Insurance Producer to a successful Online Business owner and Entrepreneur. To learn how to find true marketing success online and the potential of creating a lasting and passive income from home please visit David at MarketOnlineToday

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