The Responsibility to Be Happy is Yours!

By Jim Fargiano

Whose responsibility is it for you to be happy? It is yours! In order for true happiness to be put in place, each of you must remember that only you can choose to make the moves needed to ensure that it happens. Spirit lives within you; blessing you with the love and respect you need to feel life in an elated way. So, when we tell you that it is up to you to create your path to joy, what should not be lost is the fact that we work with you as your silent partner. Do not be afraid to live life to the fullest!

Today’s message is simple. We hope that you will take the time to view all the signs of Spirit that are surrounding you. Listen to the breeze through the verdant leaves and petals that many trees and flowers are sporting. Listen to the happiness that can be heard from the birds, the squirrels and children who may be squealing with the power of their freedom. Yes, even as adults, life can still be free. The older you grow, the more important it is to maintain a mind of youthful excitement. It is never too late to discover new things; to venture towards unfamiliar experiences. They can come from exotic travel throughout the world, or simply by walking in your own neighborhood and seeing it through new eyes. The globe offers uplifting things, both near and far. Take as much into your heart as possible. Free yourself and your soul! Dance with the power of omnipotent prosperity.

Speaking of prosperity; we are trying to subtly remind all of you to focus on your needs to facilitate what you want to create. Our advice for this day is for you to take a few minutes to literally write out the scenario you desire your life to be. Get creative! In this exercise, there are no limitations. Imagine what you would do if you had perfect health and abundance beyond belief! Who do you want to be associated with? Do you want to ever worry about money, life, relationships and more when you have the infinite riches to create your dreams? It is okay to reach for the stars! This is not a new request, just one that is being reiterated because of how easily it can work if you put the power of positive belief into it.

Keep one very important thing in mind. Nothing is possible if you do not honor and show gratitude to the Highest Powers. It is the love of God and Jesus, along with all the Masters in spirit, that will elevate your mood and save you from the many feelings of despair that hold you back. Utilize the most infinite gift of all–the power of Spirit within you! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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