Tips For Increasing Your MPG

By Randy Zimmer

Let us face it the fee of fuel has remained steady and we all need help reducing on fuel prices. There are a couple tips that we would all use for saving on fuel.

1. Keep your tires properly filled, all tires might be checked once a month as part of your average vehicle maintenance. Savings would add up to 6% gas savings. This is also a good time to check your air filter and fluids, keeping your automobile running in top mechanical shape.

2. Empty your car or trunk of unnecessary things to lower car weight. You would save a mile per gallon on gasoline for every 250 pounds of weight.

3. Use savings cards that are available at your grocer, you should save up to 10 cents per gallon on the amount of gasoline. Gas station credit cards also provide savings when you use it at the pump.

4. Purchase your gasoline early in the day or late in the evening when gasoline evaporation will arise less with lower temperatures.

5. Do not leave your vehicle running for long periods of time, anything over a minute is costing your more than restarting your automobile. Once the interior temperature of your vehicle has cooled down turn off the air condition for a bit and run the vents. Cool air will continue to circulate for quite a while. Turn off your defrost after the windshield is cleared as well.

6. Easy on the gas and brakes in your automobile would help you with savings on fuel prices.

Randy just found out you can compare the gas prices in your neighborhood. Another way to get more out of your car is by getting a credit card that offers cash back at the gas pump.

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