VTech Kidizoom Camera

By Leanne Williams

Kidizoom are one of the market leaders when it comes to childrens digital cameras. This is because of their appealing design and excellent quality. RRP is around £50, although you can find them much cheaper if you shop around.

Kidizoom digital cameras currently come in three kid-friendly designs – pink, blue and camouflage (with interchangeable face plates). They are sturdy and can withstand hours of rough play, and are waterproof as well as ultra-tough. The camera comes with a dual viewfinder to help even the youngest child compose a decent picture.

The specifications of this childrens digital camera, at the time of writing this article, are 16MB of internal memory (approximately 200 pictures), 1.8 inch LCD screen, flash and video capability. A standard SD card (sold separately) can be used to increase the memory so that your child can store up to 1000 pictures at any time. The camera requires 4 AA batteries. Battery life is good, meaning your child will have many hours of enjoyment before they require changing.

The childrens camera can be linked to either a television or home computer, and the necessary AV and USB cable are included with the product. A CD is included so that a simple, child-friendly, photo editor can be installed on your PC. This has additional features for editing your child’s photos.

Photos can also be manipulated on the camera itself. As well as adding fun details and borders, your child can distort the photos and add animated effects or sound clips.

The Kidizoom childrens digital camera also comes with several games (these can also be played through your TV using the cables provided). The games are straightforward enough for even a three year old to understand and enjoy and will increase the amount of time your child spends playing with their camera, making it a more worthwhile investment.

It is important to remember that the emphasis of childrens digital cameras is on the element of enjoyment and how practical it is to use, not on picture quality. There have been great improvements in the standards of photos since kids cameras first became available, but a majority of photos your child takes will not be of the high standard you would expect from a ‘proper’ digital camera.

The Kidizoom camera is one of the kids digital camera Leanne recently reviewed for her website, which expresses her personal views on the pros and cons of several products.

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