Weight Loss and Microwave Cooking

By Richard McIntyre

Weight loss is one of the hottest topics today, and anyone who is even mildly overweight, is worried sick about it and is willing to go to all lengths to shed the extra pounds. There are millions of overweight people, but hardly anyone would say that they are happy as they are, and do not wish to do anything to lose weight. They may give up the fight against weight and reconcile to their obese condition, but try will, if nothing else, for the health benefits of having normal body weight.

Weight loss and normal body weight are very closely linked to eating right. Eating right is a tough task because it often means curbing your desires for certain favorite food, always suppressing your instincts for some types of food, and living in a state of denial all the time, which is frustrating and can have other effects as well. This however, does not mean that you stop eating completely or never eat what you like and keep yearning for something. This makes the situation worse than it actually is. The truth is that you can eat most of the things you like but with some modifications.

The biggest change you need to make is to switch to the microwave for your cooking. The microwave comes with a platter full of remedies for weight issues. This is due to the different manner of cooking done in the microwave and once you are habituated to it, you will forget to eat what you cannot cook in the microwave. The biggest example of this is fried foods, since frying is not possible in microwaves. A few of the ways in which microwaves aid the weight loss process are listed below.

How microwaves aid weight loss

  • Microwaves need less oil and can even cook without oil. Over time, this will reduce the body’s intake of oil and this will help in shedding some of the weight accumulated.
  • Microwaves cook healthy food by retaining their vitamins and minerals, and they also make the food look more tempting with the rich color of vegetables. This makes you eat more of these foods than weight increasing carbohydrates which would need a toaster or pan.
  • Boiling and steaming help in weight loss and the microwaves performs both functions to perfection.
  • For those fond of fried foods, add a spoonful of oil to the meal and let it cook till it gets crisp. This satisfies the urge to eat something fried, is close in taste but uses one fourth the oil.
  • Stir fried foods taste as good with less oil in the microwave, and this is a healthier option.
  • Food in the microwave cooks in its own juices so provides the nourishment needed by the body and without additions like butter, helps keep weight under control.
  • Vegetables look bright and tempting, and eating a big bowl of mixed ones will appease the hunger pangs with no addition to weight.
  • You can have a large combo meal of chicken, fish and vegetables with no even a drop of oil, but cooked in the microwave and eaten hot, will be wholesome and filling. Since no carbohydrates are included, over a period of time it will help in shedding pounds of weight.

The road to being slim is rather long and tedious but the microwave will help in easing the load.

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