What Results Can I Expect From the Flex Belt?

By Crystal Iris

The flex belt is not a quick acting device, but you wouldn’t expect to get a six pack after a week of abdomens, right? It works great, especially if you use for around 40 minutes each day on at least two muscle groups. It will show results after a month of using it, and I am sure that you will be impressed with what you achieved without going to gym or following a strict diet. Most people don’t seem to understand that it really works. The flex belt works because it generates the same type electrical impulses that the brain sends to the nerve endings near muscles to make them expand or contract, creating the desired. The only difference is that the impulses are a little smaller and your hands or tummy will not move on their own. Basically, you will feel the electricity go to your muscles, you feel them expand and contract accordingly, but you have the freedom in movement to do your job in the meantime as well. The results are, on average, a weight loss of around 10 pounds per month, which is incredible because you are not actually working out or watching your diet.

Most of the people that have used the flex belt are very happy with the results. Of course, you will increase muscle mass, but to define the shape your muscles you will either need to actually workout for a couple of days each week, or to use a longer session with the flex belt and use different frequency and intensity settings.

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