What to Say to a Female You Like When You Dont Want to Scare Her Away

By Bellaisa Filippis

Are you one of those guys that puts their foot in their mouth all the time?

Don’t worry because the entire population of males, minus a few lucky and lusted after ones, are like that.

The thing is that once you get into a relationship it will not hurt you as much as it will when you are trying to get into a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, it will hurt you inside as well but it will not stop your chances from ever being with her as it might before she knows you.

So keep these things in mind the next time you approach a female.

1. Have something ready to talk about.

Whether it be about something the two of you have in common or if it is just about the weather today make sure you have a subject prepared in your mind so that you don’t walk up and start mumbling something that doesn’t make any sense because this could make her perceive you as an idiot.

2. Make it appropriate and rated G.

Do not talk about something that you should only be talking about with your buddies you’ve known for a long time. Keep it about something that isn’t going to make her think you are a pervert or jerk.

3. Keep it positive with no whining.

Do not complain about something! This is a huge mistake we make in our society every day. Conversations all over are started with “Can you believe how dumb this is?”, and it’s not doing any good to make us a happier and more positive group.

It’s unattractive and it’s one of the best ways to repel people from you and hide when they see you coming.

4. Keep it real with no lies.

Do not talk about something because you think she would like to hear it, because she will see through it or find out the truth eventually.

Lies have a way of making us lie more and more just to keep up with that first lie. Even if it’s about something small that you think will never matter you should still avoid making something up or lying about how you feel just to impress a girl.

5. Keep your neediness or desperation out of it and stay confident.

There is nothing less attractive than a guy with low self confidence who seems needy or desperate.

Believe me it seeps out of every pore of your body when you act this way. Saying things like “I sure wish I could get a girl like you” or “Girls never like me” does not come across as flattering or cute but rather annoying and nauseating.

So get your self confidence in check before talking to that girl.

When you are single and looking it can be nerve racking to approach a girl and have a conversation with her but it needs to be done nevertheless.

Bellaisa is an advocate for happy and stable relationships with yourself and with others and she has put together a site that has tips, articles, and resources for every stage of relationships called The Relationship Circle.

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