Why Do I Need a Wedding Day Coordinator?

By Ciara Daykin

As a bride who’s planned her own wedding you’ve spent a lot of time on all the details. But on the wedding day who is going to make sure all of those details come to life? The answer is a wedding day coordinator. Here are 3 reasons to hire a wedding day coordinator:

1) You’re the Star- As the star of the wedding you want to be focused on greeting your guests and enjoying each moment of the day. You may have had time to focus on wedding planning leading up to your special day but in the weeks beforehand you’ll start to get busy with all the out of town guests, beauty appointments, and preparing your vows and your speech. Time really takes off in the weeks leading up to your wedding day so it’s great to have a wedding day coordinator preparing an itinerary for your wedding day, confirming all your vendors, organizing your ceremony rehearsal and orchestrating all the details on your wedding day. They are armed with all the information so all the questions on the wedding day go to your coordinator instead of interrupting you.

2) So It Goes Your Way- It’s always quite surprising the number of people who “think” they know what the bride wants but in fact have no clue at all. I’ve stopped many a Mother switching around place settings and girlfriends of the bride trying to fiddle with the centerpieces. I even once stopped a guest from trying to tell the photographer how to take pictures. Everyone has the best intentions but the truth is that without a wedding coordinator you can walk into a wedding that has been taken over by family with your details no where to be seen.

3) Peace of Mind for Everyone- Not only does a wedding coordinator help the bride and groom by taking care of all the little details for them, a coordinator also majorly helps all the vendors involved. First by providing them with a wedding day itinerary and then by being the person to make sure the event runs on time, pointing out details that are important to the couple (especially to the photographer) and answering any questions on the fly. I’ve talked to so many vendors who highly recommend that a couple use a wedding day coordinator because it means a smoother day for all involved.

If you’ve thought about hiring a wedding coordinator in the past and are now thinking about it again I’d suggest you book a meeting with a company you feel would match with your personality and budget. A wedding day coordinator really helps to relieve the stress of your wedding day IF they are the right coordinator. If you’re having a big lavish wedding a beginner coordinator is not the way to go, they can get overwhelmed in a new situation like this so you want to choose carefully and make sure that the coordinator you hire is backed up by a great support team and has the know how to handle an event like yours.

Ciara Daykin is the CEO of Firefly Occasions, Inc. a wedding and event planning company with offices in Calgary, Alberta Canada and Beverly Hills, California, USA. Ciara’s popular bi-weekly ezine newsletter is read by over 10,000 brides. Ciara is a frequent speaker at wedding industry functions and coaches other wedding planners across North America.

Ciara provides each bride she works with the haute couture wedding experience. Her planning website can be found at http://www.fireflyoccasions.com/ where you can sign up for her free report, “10 Tips to Take Your Wedding from Cookie Cutter to Couture.” She and her husband, Simon Daykin, are a husband and wife planning team and document their adventures on their popular blog http://sheandheplanweddings.com/.

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