Yorkie Breeders How to Know That Youve Found a Good One

By Anna Woodward

Yorkshire Terriers are adorable. No question about it, they are little and they look like so stylish, such fancy little dogs. They are wonderful little long haired ones. If you want one of these great little lap dogs then you need to find a reputable Yorkie breeder.

There is such a thing as a breed standard. If you are planning to show the dog when it gets older then it’s important to know the standards. A good Yorkie breeder will know and adhere to these types of standards. The biggest thing of course is the coat color.

Many of the people that breed Yorkies won’t continue mating those with color combinations that are in contrast to the standard. Why? Well there is the belief that those that have the wrong color combination, is linked to a genetic defect and it could possible affect the dog’s health down the road. They will also breed only those with the long silky hair instead of the wild and wooly.

A good Yorkie breeder will also be active in the Yorkshire terrier circles. Some of their dogs might be just the show ones, or they could be part of fly ball, or any other type of performance or conformation arena. This way you will be able to know that when it comes to the breed, they do know what they are talking about.

These people also should offer you some sort of genetic testing on their parent canines. This way they will know what faults their dogs have. Every one of them has some sort of default. No dog is perfect, the problem becomes when the default is so bad that it could be a problem for the dog.

Even if you plan on showing it, have a small default will not keep him from winning, dog shows are about who is closest to the standard not who’s perfect. But you need to know these things before you purchase one of these great little ones.

Another characteristic for a great Yorkie breeder will have the dam on site so that you can check her out. You want to know who the mom is. It’s important to be able to see her if you are able to make the trip out of to the home the puppies are at. They also need to allow you to visit if at all possible. The area that the puppies and dogs are kept and raised should be sanitary.

You should take your time to find the perfect breeder for you. Don’t rush into anything. The last thing you want to do is to get a puppy that was born and raised in a puppy mill.

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