Binaural Beats and Telepathy

By Paul Fitzpatrick

Telepathy, with its modern meaning being the ability to receive and transmit thoughts in the form of words or mental pictures using only your mind, has been held in the domain of lunatics and crackpots for many years, until very recently.

There have been numerous scientific investigations into the Telepathy phenomena that stretch as far back as 1917, and as with all data collected using scientific methods in an attempt to prove or disprove the existence of this sixth sense, all returned non verifiable results, hence the scientific community labelled Telepathy as “Non Existent fantasy” and continued to concentrate on more “down to Earth” experimentations.

But something has changed over the past several years, for as science starts to examine the quantum microverses, everything that we have accepted as irrefutable laws of the physical don’t necessarily apply on this quantum level, and as such, previously unexplainable events be they related to Telepathy, ESP, Remote Viewing/ Remote influencing etc become a realistic possibility based on this new quantum ruleset.

Taking into account the above, and our modern understanding of the way that the mind works, it has become possible to train our minds at a subconscious level using methods of hypnosis to exercise and enhance its latent Telepathic abilities.

Some people use specialised NLP (Neuro-Lingistic-Programming) techniques which can be highly effective in training your mind in many ways, but a very fast and reliable way of dropping your mind to the frequencies required to enhance your Telepathic abilities is to use Binaural Beats.

Binaural Beats were originally discovered in 1839 by H.W. Dove and recently have become extremely popular with people interested in attaining altered states of consciousness. If the beats are mixed correctly and by a trustworthy supplier, they can help you to overcome numerous sub-conscious blocks allowing the removal of life long negative habits in a very short amount of time.

But our main point of interest here is that by having the correct frequency of Binaural Beats fed into your brain via stereo headphones, you will begin to program your subconscious to be open to the sublime Telepathic events that pass you by each and every day, and you will find yourself super aware of the thoughts and feelings of people around you.

This kind of super awareness has previously only been privvy to the master meditators and Zen masters with 20 years plus of self control experience, but using these Binaural Technologies you can attain these thoughts and feelings in no time at all.

So are you ready to enhance your awareness of that Telepathic sixth sense that so many miss out on??

Paul Fitzpatrick
Writer of all things esoteric and interesting.

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