Can I Get My Wife Back Even If She Wants a Divorce? 3 Tips to Get Your Wife Back Fast

By Penelope Allen

If your wife filed for divorce, or is talking about filing for divorce even though you still love her, you are probably searching everywhere for answers to the question “Can I get my wife back?” If your wife seems emotionally distant, or is telling you that she doesn’t want to work on your marriage anymore, it might feel like a hopeless situation. But take heart: nothing is truly hopeless. Here are three tips to help you get your wife back fast.

One: Give your wife space. Yes, this isn’t exactly what you want to do when you are trying to get your wife back. But in order to truly answer the question “Can I get my wife back even if she wants a divorce?” you need to give your wife time to think. Plus, you need time to think about what you want in the relationship too. Let’s say that your wife is just feeling overwhelmed with life right now and needs a break. Maybe once she has some time away from the situation she will begin to miss you and think that things aren’t so bad. Try to give your wife space for at least a month. It might be harder to do this if you are still living together, but if you can work your schedules so that you aren’t around each other very often it will help.

Two: If you think your wife wants a divorce because she found someone else, don’t worry. Even if your wife is having an affair, it is still considered a rebound relationship. Most rebound relationship don’t work out because the person is really just avoiding their ex (or current relationship). This means that anyone your wife is dating is being compared to you, which means she is still thinking about you.

Three: Don’t argue with your wife about the marriage. When it comes to answering the question “Can I get my wife back even if she wants a divorce?” the number one thing to remember is that you want to minimize arguing with your wife. This doesn’t mean you need to become her doormat and just take it if she tries to start an argument. What it means is that you want to have as many positive interactions with your wife as you can. So even if you are trying to give her space, anytime you do see her try to make it as drama-free and positive as possible. You want your wife to remember the good things about you and your relationship, not the bad. There is a time and place for working through your problems after you have decided to work on them, not before.

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