Do Hair Loss Shampoos Do the Trick?

By S. Norris

Shampoo ads have ruled almost all forms of media – print ads, TV commercials, and even radio gaps. But what’s causing a lot of buzz in the shampoo industry today is the emergence of shampoos that give claims of curing and even reversing hair loss. But with these products costing a whole lot more than regular shampoos, cynics continue to question its actual effect on bald people, or those with poor hair growth in certain areas of their heads. While scalp health plays a key role in keeping our locks long and healthy, it does not account for the major causes of hair loss. Experts say that a genetic condition called androgenic alopecia is greatly responsible for hair loss and is in fact accountable for 95% of hair loss in males.

Although both genders experience hair loss, men are more likely to develop what experts refer to as male pattern baldness. This is due to the production of a natural hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Hair follicles contain high levels of 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. Consequently, the DHT gets carried through the blood stream and acts on hair follicles, making them weak over time and therefore affecting hair growth.

The hormonal metabolite essentially stops the stream of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle, the part that fundamentally manufactures keratin. As the production of keratin slows down, the hair shaft becomes thinner until tit eventually breaks off and falls out. At this point, most of the hair follicles will need to be replaced in order to get hair growing back again.

Detecting the problem at an early stage will allow you to intercept and even avoid further attack on your hair follicles. The FDA has approved a drug called Minoxidil to help jump start or awaken some follicles into growing hair strands again. Applying this solution twice a day in your scalp will help protect your hair roots from additional damage but the benefit of Minoxidil greatly lies in keeping and maintaining the hair that you have left. The Minoxidil bonds at the receptor sites so the DHT can’t. This allows the nutrients to keep on flowing to the hair roots and keep producing keratin.

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