FarmVille Strategy

By Eugene Phillips

If you enjoy online games, you are going to love FarmVille. It is a very user friendly game, but there are many things that will help you in your game that you may not be aware of. With a little help and guidance, you can have a farm you can really be proud of.


There are many strategies in FarmVille that will help you to level up at a faster pace than normal. Among these is planting crops. If you want to advance your game faster, there are some things about planting your crops that you should know. When you are buying seeds for your crops you will see the time left to be able to purchase limited items, how much your crop will sell for, how long before your crop will need to be harvested, the experience points you will gain from harvesting your crop, and how many coins it will cost you to. The seeds you will pick to plant will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are trying to level up fast, you will want seeds with a high experience point (XP) yield. If you are wanting cash to be able to purchase items for your farm, you will want seeds that will sell for a high return.

Another very important consideration is your schedule. Make sure that when you plant your crops, you will be back on your computer in time to harvest your crops. You do not want your crops to go to waste.


Another FarmVille strategy is to get as many neighbors as possible right off the bat. Not only are your neighbors an important key because of the gifts they will give you, but you will also need them to help you advance in your farm. If you want to get a lot of gifts from your neighbors, it is a very good idea to gift as often as you can yourself.


As you move up in FarmVille and accumulate some cash, you can buy large ticket items such as buildings. This is a very fast way to level up in FarmVille. You can also buy the framework for your buildings that will require the help of your neighbors gifting you parts to complete your structure. These buildings are very handy when they are complete because they allow you to keep a large amount of animals sheltered that you can harvest with one click instead of having to harvest them individually.

Hopefully these are a few tips that will help you get started in your FarmVille game. Have Fun!

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