Find Freedom From Alcoholism

By Hal Johnson

Many people now a day, adult and teenager are having addiction problems in alcohol. Today a lot of young generations face this kind of problem. Through their curiosity, they try to experience this stuff until they are become addicted to alcohol. They are heavy drinker individual. The more they drink the more they develop the tolerance. Until they will become alcohol addict which is a threat to their life.

Being an alcohol dependent is not easy. It is a serious problem regardless of age. It destroys yourself, your school, your work and even your life. Constant drinking of alcohol makes the condition of your body deteriorate. Aside from that, you will have a physiological problems or maybe psychological problems or behavioral problems that will affect your work and social life. If you are experiencing this kind of addiction, you need medical help.

One treatment commonly use in this problem is detoxification. It means that cleaning toxins from the body. It is related to withdrawal syndrome the sudden discontinuing of, intake of a substance that has been used consistently for a period of time. This withdrawal syndrome is very dangerous because it cause death to the patient. To prevent this withdrawal syndrome they used chordiazepoxide for detoxification medication. High doses of medication are given to the patient in the first day. Several days it decreases the doses and the patient should not drink during the treatment. It is really needs a family support by encouraging the patient to avoid drinking alcohol and be strong enough to finish the treatment, it is good to the part of the patient.

After the treatment, some people still like to drink or even go back to their drinking habits. It is also dangerous because you will facing same problem or more worst. The effort, money and time were wasted. In this case doctors have some ways to get rid of those drinking habits. Doctors give some medication for several months to keep you stop drinking alcohol by medicine like acamprosate is a drug used for treating alcohol dependence. Another one is disulfiram is a drug used to support the treatment of chronic alcoholism by producing an acute sensitivity to alcohol. It is hard to stop ones passion but there is always a space for development and change. Will power and the strong self control will help you to cope up with this addiction.

So let us always remember the effect of this stuff before entering into it. Let us remember that too much alcohol destroys us and make our body deteriorate. If we become addict into it, problems arise. It affects your family, work, school your life and even your relationship to others. In some cases relationship was broken because of this addiction. It is hard to stop it when you become one of those people who are alcohol dependent. See may things will be affected and there are things that you can never retrieve when you lost it.

Think wisely……Avoid the addiction.

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