Ignorance About the Food We Consume and Its Effects on Health and Weight Loss

By Nivedha Manoharan

Food is not just for the body, but for both mind and body. Food is not just about the calories/protein content/daily values of minerals and vitamins. People often buy a pizza and look at the nutritional value behind the package, and become happy looking at the calories and protein. Food is not just about calories and protein. The ignorant mind is tuned to believe that a good food is all about high protein and low calories. People who are a bit more aware also look for the fiber content, minerals and vitamins, some buy vitamin tablets to supplement their diet (all that a vitamin pill does to your body is to produce costly urine).

The truth is food is not just about these things, food plays a vital part in controlling your mind. The so called modern science knows nothing about the intricacies of the human body, for a long time pineal gland was considered to be an vestigial organ, but the ancient Indians documented the important functions of the pineal gland, likewise the modern science has no understanding of how mind functions and how our food controls it. A healthy mind comes from a healthy body and the vice versa. The mind and body should be in sync with each other. Only a healthy and resolute mind can lead to a healthy and a flexible body. To achieve that ancient rishis used only the sattvic yogic food.

Yogic Diet is a vegetarian and a balanced diet that fulfils the nutritional needs and also help in maintaining the mind-body balance. Eating the right food, in the right quantity and at the right time is important. A sattvic yogic diet generally consists of natural organic food that is free from pesticides. Abundant vegetables (when ever we speak about vegetables we don’t mean the starchy vegetables like potatoes), fresh fruits, moderate amount of nuts, legumes and pulses. Non vegetarian food, onions, garlic, peppers and mushrooms should be avoided. Milk, yogurt (that is not old) and butter milk are important. For sweetening use only Jaggery (unrefined sugar) and honey. In spices replace chillies with black pepper.

But the most important of all is water, drink abundant water, but there is a pattern while drinking water. Most people miss this important aspect. People drink water only when they are thirsty, water is very essential for the physical well being and above all for losing weight. One must drink at least 15 to 20 glasses of water a day.

In this chapter, we shall see the minor things that are very easy to practice but highly effective in losing weight and also in preparing your mind and body to practice the skills that belong to the next level of weight loss through natural methods and yoga.

1) Begin your day with 3 glasses of water (so may have nauseating feeling, if you have then start with 1 glass and gradually increase)

2) Always sit while drinking water, do not stand and drink (I will discuss the reason for the third chapter)

3) Take gooseberry power mixed in water (You can also use aloe vera as a supplement)

4) Split the the 15 glasses of water a day as per your convenience, never drink water while you eat and just after your food. This will dilute the digestive juices in the stomach and may result in digestive and gastric issues.

5) Never skip your breakfast.

6) Avoid non vegetarian food, and take lots of fruits.

7) Eat slowly and chew your food before swallowing, this is not only important for weight loss but also important to maintain a good digestive system.

8) Don’t fill your stomach, instead only eat half the capacity. Eat healthy food more often.

9) Calorie conscious people may stay away from nuts like almond, peanuts and cashews as they have lot of fat and calories, but ideally they help in weight loss.

10) Fruit Fasting once a month can be a great way to work on weight loss and mind-body well being.

You can change a drastic difference in your mindset and body even if you practice these steps for three days. Once you are accustomed with these steps, the second phase will be learning pranayama and very basic weight loss yogasanas.

Once you are through with the understanding of sattvic foods and lifestyle you can next proceed on to increasing your metabolism the natural way.

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