Sexual Tips Reading the Signs Your Woman Gives You

By Marc Thompson

It is not all that difficult to please your female partner. The important thing is to learn what it takes to get her aroused. Once you are completely set, you can give any woman immense pleasure and look forward for more! But, you need to read the signs. Yes, it is absolutely true that your woman will do much more in bed than just perform. All through, she will give you signals that tell you what you have to do. And if you play by the sexual tips we mention, you are surely going to make her one happy woman.

So, when should you start making the move? You might have planned a whole elaborate act of seduction-candlelight dinner, the right ambiance, the right clothes, the right perfume, etc. These are things that please any woman. But, do they actually make them go all the way? How do you understand that your woman is ready for doing ‘it?’

Read the signs. What can help you here is some good conversation. Start talking with her. Ask her questions and listen to what she says. Is she interested in your talk? Is she interested in telling you things about yourself? If that happens, probably it’s time to make the move.

Give her a little touch, a very innocuous one. Did her eyes meet yours when you touched her, even if it was very, very mildly? Was there a spark of electricity? This is the time then. Touch her a little more. See if she accepts your touch or feels uncomfortable. If she is not feeling easy about those small touches, you shouldn’t pursue things for now.

When in bed too, there are various signs that you can look out for. The most important thing to check out here is whether she is enjoying a particular thing or not. The best signs here are her breathing and the sounds she makes. Women who are enjoying a particular sexual thing will start breathing more heavily and they will make noises of pleasure. Most women cannot fake these noises, which makes them a very accurate signal for you.

These sexual tips will go a long way in making you a hit in bed. Use them well and see where they can take you.

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