Whole House Hard Water Purifier Dont Waste Your Time and Money Until You Read This

By Mark LeBreton

It’s surprising to see how many poor performing water purification systems are available. With water filter systems, the most expensive types are not the best performing. In fact, they can be the worst systems of all. One type of water treatment system called whole house hard water purifier needs to be avoided.

So, concerns about hard water are not where you should be focusing. The hardest of water is caused by minerals like magnesium and calcium. Our bodies are very dependent on these minerals so removing them is not the path to take.

If you install a whole house hard water purifier, you will be removing the healthy minerals for your tap water. This is a very real health concern as mineral deficiencies can lead to free radicals in your body.

Free radicals in your body impact the ability of your cells to work efficiently. Over time, this can lead to serious health problems like cancer and heart disease. So, drinking de-mineralized water is something that you should be avoiding. It’s important that your purification system does not strip out all of the healthy minerals from your tap water.

If you see water filtration systems that use reverse osmosis or distillation technology, you shouldn’t buy them. Both of these remove all of the healthy minerals. Plus, they leave in many of the toxic chemicals commonly found in water.

If you want to reduce the hardest of your water because your skin and hair are drying out, it’s most likely not the hardest that causing your problems. Chlorine is the culprit. It will severely dry out your body when your shower.

Chlorine has been proven to not only be damaging to hair and skin, it’s also a very toxic chemical that can increase your risks of getting cancer. You need to be sure that your whole house water purifier can remove the chlorine from your drinking and showering water.

In addition to chlorine, public water has literally thousands of contaminants in it. Some of the most common are prescription drugs, fertilizers, weed killer, pesticides, and gasoline. Obviously drinking and shower in water that has a mixture of these contaminants is not healthy.

Whole house hard water purifier systems do not remove most of these contaminants as they are design to removed minerals. Fortunately, there are whole house filtration systems that will remove over 99% of all contaminants. Once installed, you’ll have the purest source of water possible coming from your taps.

So there you have it. Some food for thought about whole house hard water purifier and why you need to consider a better system to purify your water.

Mark LeBreton is an advocate for safe, clean and healthy filtered water. Go to his site now http://clear-drinking-water.com to find out what he recommends as the only water filtration system to use in your home.

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