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15 Funny Jokes to Take to Work

By Kelly A Smith Every stress-filled job needs a little injection of humor to lighten the workday load. With deadlines zooming, quotas not being met, mistakes made, boss not pleased with your performance, co-workers complaining, and back-stabbing…some days the workplace can seem like nothing but one big self-esteem sucking machine. Since the innate desire to […]

Vampire Life Part 7 What to Do With the Ghoulish Remains

By Larry Schliessmann Your vampire lover has been busy, gorging himself on local, well, prime rib. Now, it’s up to you to clean up; after all, no vampire worth his canines would be caught alive with leftovers on his hands, or worse under his neatly manicured mother-of-pearl fingernails. Let’s face it, not every hunt ends […]

The Power of Humor in Coping With Transition Situations

By Trina Hess Humor, laughter, smiling-they’ve all been cited as helping improving our health and mental well-being. And, they can be equally useful and powerful when we’re going through transition situations like job changes, relationship changes, aging, and any surprise changes in our lives. Authors Nancy Schlossberg and Susan Porter Robinson, in their book, “Going […]

Spread Happiness With Short Jokes

By Bhawna K Kapoor Fun and laughter both are a very essential part of our life. The life without smiles, laughter and entertainment is very empty. There are many ways to bring smiles and laughter. Reading Funny comics, watching laughter shows, gossip with friends and family, hearing jokes etc. Life is very fast today. Pressure […]

Did You Know That Some Men Can Breastfeed! Find Out What Other Crazy Facts I Reveal

By Samantha Cantrell About 3 people are born every second, and about 1 1/3 people die every second.  The result is about 2 2/3 net increase of people every second. Almost 10 people more live on the Earth now than before you finished reading this. The first computer was ENACT – (Electronic Numerical Integrator And […]

Self Taught and Proud of It

By Jim Haederle Some may disagree, but I think I’m entirely on the mark when I say that music lessons aren’t for everyone. I speak from personal experience. When I entered high school, I’d been playing piano for a little over two years and I was hooked, plain and simple. I played at home on […]

How to Become a Friend of a Friend

By Owen Roberts A small group of New Yorkers who hang out and support each other during good and bad times, sounds like a great group to be in. This guide will instruct you on how to become a friend of a friend so you too can have a warm hug and shoulder to cry […]

The Holy Speeding Ticket

By Tim J. Davis I’m a police chaplain and also a part time police officer in a small rural town. There are some interesting stories that have taken place with this new duty as an officer. Here is one of them. One evening while I was on community patrol, I happened to notice a four […]

Carrying Large Sums of Cash Not Smart in a Weird News World

By Randy Cassingham Several stories on the dangers of carrying large sums of cash from the archives of This is True. American Gigolo Police in Juneau, Alaska, acting on a tip, searched a hotel room and found the occupant had $10,000 in cash. Police suspected the money was from the sale of drugs, but the […]

Men in High Heels

By Clark Hunter While the idea of men in high heels makes most of us cringe or even laugh right aloud, high heels for men are actually in! While most men don’t wear high heels that are made for women, more and more men’s shoes are being made with a heel, and technically they are […]