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Like the Seduction of Religion Confessions of a Would Be Anarchist

By Sandy Krolick Ph.D. Have you ever been lulled into compliance by the Siren’s sweet voice like Ulysses was, or seduced by the charms of a ravishing temptress? Perhaps you have felt the rapture of transcendence brought on by endlessly listening to 14th century Gregorian chants. Well, just like the ritual seductiveness of religion and […]

How Great Were These Men in Our History? Not Quite As Great As Weve Been Told

By Lance Winslow We all grow up and learn our history and we are told that these great men before us came and did great things, and that we are all part of that. Thus, we are required to remember their names, faces, and what they supposedly said, but have you ever wondered how much […]

World Religions and Happiness Religious Beliefs As a Way to Happiness

By J Michael Brown World religions have at least one thing in common; and that is the concept of happiness. They all tell suggest that they have a way of for you to find happiness. I briefly discuss major worldwide religious beliefs, and introduce a universal method to happiness in this commentary. “Adherence” published a […]

Human Goodness by Yi Fu Tuan

By Joy Cagil I admit I do not read too many books on philosophy, but Human Goodness is more than a philosophy book. It is positive and uplifting, and it offers practical assurances of goodness in people in contrast to dry, humorless beliefs and theories. In the preface, the author presents a happy thought. “Think […]

Quantity Vs Quality

By Kevin Hinton Do you know how to cook a frog? Rather a strange question for a vegetarian of 37 years, isn’t it? Well – the answer is – you put a frog in a pot of cool water – on the stove – and you turn up the heat slowly and gradually. The frog […]

Syllogisms Can Help the World

By Sofia Filosofia The cause of many of the most major problems in our lives is when people commit a logical fallacy. Let me tell you what I mean. The study of logical inferences, or the drawing of conclusions from a starting statement, known as an premise, using logic, hinges on the idea of a […]

The Head Tailed Cat

By Sofia Filosofia I was reading today in a book of philosophy (yeah I know, what else?) and I want to share some of it with you. The philosopher was saying about cause and effect, and it was part of this entire big discussion about whether it’s true that we humans are separate from the […]

Idealism and Philosophy (and Education on Both)

By Raymond Remi Rheault Before we begin it is important to understand the basic definitions of Idealism and Philosophy. Education in these two areas is very rare in modern society, although we will teach children Social Studies in grade 2, the basic questions of Who am I and Why am I here are left until […]

Do the People Know Whats Good For Them?

By Sofia Filosofia One of my good friends on Blogger, Anadroid, made a great comment on my post about punishment, called Should The Cane Be Brought Back in School?. She said, “yeah I wonder who wants the cane back? Surely not someone who was caned as a child at school? Or maybe that is who […]

One Day a Small Town Awoke

By Michael E Angell One day a small town awoke to a peddler peddling a new method of fortune telling; the day went by very slow because the peddler never stopped his team of horses. So, round and round he went, inspecting the population’s numbers, as they grew on the town square from curiosity and […]