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Polaroid Instant Cameras A History of This Unique Camera, and Where to Get Polaroid Cameras and Film

By Kristine Carmen Polaroid instant cameras are a series of instant film cameras created by the Polaroid Corporation, founded by Edwin Land in 1937. The philosophy behind these cameras was to make photography easy and fun, and produce an instant result that would allow people to see the photographs they’ve created in seconds, not days […]

Use Photo Frames to Store and Cherish Those Beautiful Moments

By Danny Morison There are innumerable moments in one’s life which stay etched in their memory forever. These are moments with your loved ones which bring a smile to your face every time you think of them. And what better way of capturing those moments for a life time than casting them in picture frames […]

Know Why You Need a Digital Camera

By Sara Ramsey Not so long ago, pictures came in limited quantities. This is because analog cameras came with films in limited number of shots. We used to be conscious of the shots we take, making sure that each shot would be worth it. Well, that was before digital cameras rose to popularity. In the […]

Secret Photography Techniques That Will Help You Take Amazing Digital Pictures

By Sara Ramsey Photography is one interesting hobby. As long as you have the interest and the potential for taking good photos, then you can start from there. But how can you improve your skills in photography? And how can your shots go from good to amazing? Here are some of the basic photography techniques […]

Intro to Black and White Dodging and Burning Methods

By Roo Du Jardin When you are familiar with the printing process there will come a time when you will want to have more control over the result. This is where burning-in and dodging comes to assist you. This method can be used with both the wet printing process as well as dry i.e. your […]

Digital Photography Basic DSLR Digital Camera Photography Picture Tips and Techniques

By Clive Anderson Having a really nice DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera is quite a nice feeling. The fact is that you can now go out and practically capture images from wherever you go, this might at first not seem like such a great deal, but once the penny drops and the realisation kicks […]

How to Photograph Birds in Flight Using a DSLR Digital Camera Picture Tips and Techniques

By Clive Anderson Being able to capture good images using a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera can be extremely rewarding and some of the best pictures that we can take tend to sometimes be the hardest. Once we have a pretty good understanding of some of the cameras functions both on automatic and manual […]

Communion Photos 5 Steps to Success

By Joyce Kreger First Communion pictures will serve as a lasting memory to the family and the Communicant alike of a blessed day in their lives. The Communicant, usually a younger child of seven or eight, has made the decision to enter more fully into the faith community. The pictures of this glorious day should […]

Photography Lighting Techniques

By Vincent Di Leo My favorite time to take pictures out doors is during a cloudy day. I get great diffused lighting with the sun shining through the clouds. My favorite kind of lighting when shooting in the studio is creating the kind of lighting that I like to shoot outdoors. In the studio I […]

Photography Sales and Selling Tips 7 Power Words That Will Skyrocket Your Photo Sales and Profits

By Charles J Lewis French Journalist Emile De Girardin said, “The power of words is immense. A well-chosen word has often sufficed to stop a flying army, to change defeat into victory, and to save an empire.” Most photographers don’t realize that the words they use are extremely important to their success and cash flow. […]