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God Take PTSD Pleasure Away From the Devil Today

By Risa Ruse It started this morning with conversation. What came about was the subject of attraction through contemplation. God let me touch 3 souls since yesterday. I was able to teach them how to pray. Apostle Paul in Ephesians 5, 4:22, 23, 30-32 tells us to be renewed in our minds. Who would have […]

She is the Woman!

By Debjani Goswami She is the woman, Who shares her chocolate With her male sibling, Always keeping the bigger half for him “Aren’t you a big girl?” people said. She is the woman, Who tries to stop her dad From beating up her mom In spite of being pushed aside repeatedly “Aren’t you a kid?” […]

The Wail From Our Ancestors

By Biola Olatunde The ancestor is In the Market square He told us stories Of the happiness in heaven We tell him We don’t need The sacrifices of Goats and chalk The ancestor in The masquerade garb Laments our denial From the ways Of our forefathers We tell him We don’t need The long walk […]

Simple Desire

By Hasmukh Amathalal On a way to temple greeted with simple smile, So sweet and me to follow for an extra mile, Steps were directionless and just followed, Passage was so smooth and simply allowed, No words to narrate the beautiful child of nature, No ill will ideas mind will nurture, Did eyes saw it […]

How Does the Darkness Get In?

By Michael E Angell How does the darkness get in between double digit numbers? What happens when our age turns from single one-god-digits to two opposing numbing numbers? Or is it two single gods meeting one another? Do they lean back-to-back so to support one another’s relaxation and who commands that we’re to be ultimately […]

I Am My Countrys Symbol of Liberty

By Gary L Palmer I was stitched, sewn and designed as a symbol of liberty in Philadelphia in 1776. My red stripes represent the blood of those that have given their lives for freedom; My white stripes stand for liberty; and my stars are divine inspirations from heaven. With 13 stars representing my colonies, I […]

Parable of an Apple

By Eniola-David Fowope Thinking on how to sell most on the street, While walking on the street. I saw apples spread on the street, I was feeling for the street, When an apple differentiated itself. Then, I said to myself, “Amidst so many apples, An apple got my attention And decreased all my tension.” I […]

Victor Not Victim is My New Name

By Risa Ruse I thought I had it all ’cause my heart was in bliss. It all ended when he bit my lips with his poisonous kiss!   Disintegrated was the happiness in having a family of my own. My healed heart from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) again became a cold stone.   Who […]

What My Lord Can Do

By Dani Cairns The day had dawned so brightly My goals were all in sight Mentally I stood prepared To make it work out right But surely unbeknown to me A different plan unrolled Right before my eyes I saw The enemy take control I could see that it was happening But no power to […]

Sailors Captured by Mermaids and Thus the Maidens Woeful Cries

By Kathy Ostman-Magnusen I stood upon the shoreline and heard a maidens decree “I hope your departure is sorrowful yet filled with victory” Lovers are lost in battle journeys of strapping young men who haste not to ride the tides never to be seen again. Labyrinth on the water waves that the wind winds round […]