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Tribal Dragon Tattoo A Famous Piece

By Tracey M. Sanders Tattoos are one famous piece of art that anyone can try! Now, in case you are on the look for the possible design ideas then you’ve come to the right article because we will discuss the tribal dragon tattoo here which is famed as the most popular design across the world. […]

Foot Tattoos Or Wrist Tattoos Which Tattoo Design Suits You?

By Peter Brat Foot tattoos and wrist tattoos may not the be less painful parts of the body to get tattooed, in fact its the opposite. Nevertheless, these two options have been greatly explored by a lot of tattoo enthusiasts as they also comes with their own advantages. Even if these two body parts are […]

A Close Look at Tattoo Machines

By Michael K Dean Before tattoo machines existed, tattoos were done by hand. Naturally tattoo machines have a speed the human hand can not compete with. The famous inventor Thomas Edison invented a electric engraver approximately around the time of the new century and the machines, were modeled after that with continuing improvements and evolutions. […]

Tattoo Drawings You Might Be Missing Out on a Lot of Real Artwork

By Adam Woodham Depending on how you’re currently searching for tattoo drawings, there’s a huge chance you are staring at bad artwork. When I talk about “bad” art, I am pointing at the generic stuff that’s laced throughout the web. This cookie cutter junk seems to be everywhere now, but it’s really not, because changing […]

Three Things to Look Out For When Selecting a Forearm Tattoo

By Adam Woodham First of all, you need to realize that getting a forearm tattoo is a pretty big decision. You already know this, though, or else you wouldn’t be looking into getting a tat on this part of you body. What you also need to know is that the exact placement plays a big […]

Guardian Angel Tattoos Choosing Designs That Mean Something

By Adam Woodham Would you be happy with picking a design from a bunch of generic Guardian Angel tattoos? Probably not, but you would not believe how many people end up picking something like that. They just “settle” on something, and 99% of those folks always regret it in the long run. Here’s what to […]

Butterfly Tattoos Can Be Beautiful

By Terry Daniels The butterfly tattoo design is one of the most popular designs for women from all over the world. Butterflies can be used to create lovely designs in lots of different areas on your body. Creating A Butterfly Tattoo Design Butterflies can represent many different things and are often considered one of the […]

Tribal Arm Tattoo Uncovering the Greatest Artwork Possible

By Adam Woodham Picking a tribal arm tattoo has been getting more and more difficult. It’s not that you don’t have huge selections to go through on the web. It’s just that most of these sites are throwing the same generic artwork on their pages, which is making it extremely difficult to locate the places […]

Moon and Star Tattoos Turn Up the Quality of the Artwork You See

By Adam Woodham There are so many great traits about moon and star tattoos. That’s only “if” you get a hold of the websites that have fully original, high quality design choices, though. Are you finding those places, or are you always getting stuck in a whirlwind of generic stuff? If this is striking a […]

Whatever Tattoo Styles You Love, Quality Art is an Absolute Must

By Adam Woodham Whether you’re just looking into various tattoo styles, or you have a couple picked out, you need to see quality artwork. Most people end up seeing a whole lot of generic stuff, though, which is never a good idea. People that see a lot of that art will usually wind up settling […]