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Pantone Colour Bridge Guide The Essential Tool For Every Designer and Printer

By Jim Cunliffe Manufactured by the New Jersey based Pantone, Inc. the Pantone Colour Bridge Guide has the appearance of a giant fan of shallow rectangular strips. Each strip contains a set of various different shades of a particular colour. Adjacent to each Pantone colour, the nearest four colour (CMYK) equivalent is also reproduced. Note […]

Stretcher Bars The Economical Canvas

By Troy Truman Painters love to be able to paint on a canvas. The problem is that buying the premade canvases can be very expensive. The best solution is to make your own. Stretcher bars make this possible. The canvas is stretched over the pre-made bars and stapled into place. These can now be used […]

Smoke and Dent 3D Materials

By Daniel Kreimer Smoke, like Water, comes from the old IPAS collection of the 3D Studio DOS days. Its intended function is to create the appearance of a smoky-like surface on whatever object you have applied it to. However, the smoke map can serve as other great effects, such as clouds or other gaseous anomalies. […]

Western Art Stippling Dotting Away to Colors

By Annette Labedzki Stippling – The Concept Stippling is an art of painting, distinguished by its technique, rather than style. It involves the application of paints in the form of dots, rather than being spread over the base. These works are often used to replicate the shading or the effects of a grayscale-digitized image. A […]

Western Painting Classical Realism American Elegant Ode to Artistry

By Annette Labedzki Classical Realism – The History Classical Realism was a sensational American art movement of the late 20th century. This art style reigns supreme in its beauty and elegance amongst its western contemporaries. The term ‘Classical Realism’ was first used in 1982, by Richard Lack to label a traveling exhibition, which he put […]

Western Art Massurrealism A Modern Surrealist Art With Technical Edge

By Annette Labedzki Massurealism – The Concept A combination of Surrealism and Mass Media, Massurrealism is a form of Western Art. American artist James Seehafer came up with the term in 1992. Surrealism is an art, focusing on what lies outside reality. It was developed by experimenting with new methods and techniques to discover and […]

Simple Lesson on How to Make Pastels

By Emma Ralph If you’re a pastel artist, then it’s probably no secret to you that buying pastels to feed your artistic addiction quickly gets expensive. There will inevitably be some colors, and certain values of colors, that you find yourself reaching for during almost every session, and you can go through these favorites very […]

How Networking Know How Can Benefit Your Art Career

By Cindy L. Adkins For most of my life, I have often been accused of looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. I have actually found that this personal character trait has served me well through the years, especially in regard to pursuing my art. That frame of mind could quite possibly explain my outlook […]

Japanese Glossary For Image Board Users

By Pete Trbovich Image boards have become a popular web pastime in recent years. If you’ve been to places like 4chan, 7chan, and the like, you’ve seen a unique culture that mixes illustrated and photographic art from both Western and Japanese culture. After you browse these places for awhile, it starts to become apparent that […]

Concrete Strategies For Getting Your Art Recognized

By Cindy L. Adkins Anyone who creates art can attest to the fact that it can often be a solitary process. Getting your art out to the public can feel even more isolating. So, why not look to your community for inspiration and involvement and get yourself noticed at the same time? There are some […]