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Buy Cheap Car Audio Subwoofers

By Ricky Lim There are so many car audio subwoofers available out there. It can be overwhelming to choose which one is right for you. You can narrow your choices down by closely looking at the positive reviews. You also have to determine whether the car audio subwoofer that you are planning to buy will […]

Car Audio Amplifier Basic Install Guide

By Brandon Noe The longer you’re into car audio the more chances you will have to install the components yourself. In this basic guide, I’ll tell you certain tools and components you will need to install a car audio amplifier. Amplifiers can be a little bit tricky to install. They require removal of internal panels […]

Aftermarket Or Factory Car Speakers

By Nick Janaw So you love your music, and you play it all the time whether at home or more often than not in the car, but do you know the difference between music and great sounding music, or does it make a difference to you how good your music sounds? Often modern cars have […]

Ipod Armband

By Peter Gitundu iPod armbands are accessories designed to ease in carrying iPods where one does not have to worry about the iPod getting damaged. The armband was deigned such that one does not have to worry about the ipod when they are carrying on with their activities. The armband allows one to attach the […]

The Key to Understanding Car Speakers

By Levi Quinn Understanding car audio seems confusing at first. However, it is all a matter of learning. When you get a grip on the basic types of speakers and terminology, it is something that you will know for life. The first thing you need to decide is whether you just want basic speakers or […]

The Role of a Pre Amplifier in a Car Audio System

By Jay Rivett Car audio systems are becoming more and more popular as time passes, simply because technology has provided people with a way to listen to their music the car with tremendous power and quality. Most people will install a power amplifier into their subwoofer speaker system. However, if you are a bass freak […]

Car Audio Terminology

By Chris Dro Head Unit- The head unit is the centerpiece of the car’s sound system, typically located in the center of the dashboard. Head units give the user control over the vehicle’s entertainment media: AM/FM radio, satellite radio, CDs, cassette tapes (although these are now uncommon), MP3, GPS navigation, Blue tooth, etc. A head […]