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Motorized Scooters Popular Fuel Efficient Vehicles

By Alex Fir The time of cheap gas has passed. In some parts of the world people are paying twice as much per gallon as they were a few years ago. And the media tells us that the prices will continue to get higher. Many people are very concerned and they don’t know what they […]

DIY Ignition Switch on an Harley

By Katrina Oakley Some Harley owners like to fix their own bikes, thereby saving both money and riding time. An Harley Davidson can experience electrical problems at any time, but there can be a wait for a service appointment at some repair shops. The most common cause of electrical problems on a Harley Davidson is […]

Triumphs New Take on the Bonneville in True Retro Style!

By Karen Smith Cooper It was in 1959 when the Triumph Bonneville first burst onto the scene which took its name from the salt lake flats of Utah where high speed records were attempted and broken. A 650cc parallel twin high performance sports machine at the time with production spanning a period of 26 years, […]

What to Know When Buying an Electric Bicycle

By Jeff Jean Electric bicycles have been around for decades but have not been very popular with the American public since they were invented. But recently we have started to become more accustomed to battery powered bicycles, we are now discovering how fun and cost effective riding an electric bicycle can be, mainly because of […]

Spokane, Washington, With Most Motorcyclists in the Nation, Faces High Motorcycle Accident Rate

By J. Bisnar With a population over 201,000, Spokane in Spokane County, Washington is the second largest city in the state, and the fifth largest in the Pacific Northwest. The area’s scenic beauty has attracted many motorcyclists – more than any other city in the U.S. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping statistics: there were 14 motorcycle […]

Rent a Motorcycle

By Kelly Andrews Traveling and commuting can really be annoying especially if time is of the essence. Imagine having only less than a week to visit and see all the things you want. It is really annoying when you have to think about the traffic. So if you need to go to your destination as […]

2008 Genuine Stella With Sidecar

By Tosh Hatch Me and my wife fell in love with this when we first saw it. It’s very unique and you don’t see many on the road with a side car. You will get a lot of attention in this scooter combo. With the side car attached, top speed is only about 50 mph […]

Most Common Problems 125cc Engines Had When They Were First Released in Pit Bikes

By Nigel Schulze All Pit bikes carry a copy of the Honda CT110 Monkey bike engine that Honda released in the 1950’s. The Chinese took this technology and bought the patent to the engine. Basically the 125cc is a supped up version of the Honda CT110. In there wisdom they used the same engine casings […]

Good Quality Motorcycle Covers

By Alamdar H A huge number of people are using motorcycles. Many people go on long road trips on their bikes. Usually people park their bikes in the garage of their house. Many people live in houses with no garages. They do not have a suitable place to park their bikes. Obviously, everyone wants to […]

Discount Motorcycle Helmets That Fit Your Budget

By Caroline Bailey The word helmet is widely known for it serves two purposes: for protection and for recreation. A helmet is worn on the head to protect it from injuries. It is like a hat but its design is more of protecting the head from any untoward incidents. Its use can be traced back […]