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Tips For Increasing Your MPG

By Randy Zimmer Let us face it the fee of fuel has remained steady and we all need help reducing on fuel prices. There are a couple tips that we would all use for saving on fuel. 1. Keep your tires properly filled, all tires might be checked once a month as part of your […]

Maintain Mustang Headlights Taking Care of Your Mustang Parts

By Robert A Hunt New Drivers and Professional drivers ought to practice driver safety, and ensuring your headlights are clean and updated is an effective way to start. In dim lit areas a your automotive’s headlights are necessary to driver safety and the effectively being of your passengers and different drivers around you serving to […]

Used Tires A Great and Underrated Deal

By Neils Dayton Although every driver on the road would like to be riding on brand new tires with fresh tread, there are some times in life when one must opt for the second best option, used tires. If your funds are running low, there are often some good used ones on the market that […]

Car Radio Removal 1994 to 1996 Chevy Impala

By Eric Sundberg In order to remove the radio, the entire lower dash panel must be removed in order to gain access to the screws that secure the radio. The plastic dash surrounding the radio is actually connected as one unit to the rest of the lower dash. But before this lower dash panel can […]

Extended Vehicle Warranties and How They Work

By Jeff Heitz When taking into consideration an extended vehicle warranty for your automobile, there is a small list of things you should know. Extended vehicle warranties (also known auto service contracts) offer you an extended interval of coverage after your manufactures warranty expires. If you’re trying to guard your investment, it is a smart […]

Marketing Ideas to Earn Loyal Auto Repair Clients

By Merlina Palencia In times of financial difficulties, it’s going to be tough for small businesses like your auto repair shop. You need to have a steady stream of customers to keep your enterprise alive. But, finding new customers on these days would be hard. However, once you have already built your credibility among your […]

How to Find a Reliable Car Mechanic

By Jeff Elder The difference between amounts certain mechanics will charge you for repairs can be in the thousands of dollars. You’ll certainly want to find someone who can help you keep your car in good condition without charging you a fortune to do so. Though you might have dozens of auto mechanics around, it […]

How to Repair a Rear Defroster

By Bond Mejeh The rear-window defroster on your back glass is only painted on. Sometimes it can get damaged or even get a disruption in the electrical flow. Patches of frost on your back glass would be an indicator of a problem. (1) Check your fuse, which located in the fuse box going to the […]

How to Fill Windshield Washer Fluid

By Bond Mejeh Having a clean windshield is not just for appearance sake. It contributes greatly to your driving safety. If your windshield is cloudy or unclear, how can you drive? You could be a danger to yourself as well as others. No one should drive with a dirty windshield. Fortunately, every automobile comes with […]

Are You Worried About Injector Fouling?

By M James If you run a fleet of vehicles then perhaps you’re already aware of the consequences of injector fouling, and the impacts it can have on your business. If you’re not aware, here’s what you need to know, and why you might be worried. 1. Modern and new fuels, such as bio-fuels and […]