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Awnings For Campers

By Hamza Ejaz An awning is described as the canopy made of canvas, used to provide shelter to people or things from rain or sun. It is one of the most important items in the checklist of campers and is vital to the spirit of camping. These canopies not only facilitate by adding space, but […]

The Complete Guide to Choosing an RV Sofa Without Paying a Bundle

By J.C. Campbell A quality RV sofa provides ultimate comfort to your passengers thus making your life on the road a lot more agreeable and easier. When furnishing your recreational vehicle, you need to consider a lot of factors before choosing the RV sofa. The perfect RV sofa is the one that is comfortable and […]

Frugal Living in Retirement Consider Living in an RV

By Gary Pierce Frugal living in retirement brings up thoughts about doing without…eating dog food…and other unpleasant thoughts. It does not have to be like that at all. The current economic mess is causing all of us to rethink our plans for the future, especially those retired or thinking about retirement. We have seen big […]

Choosing Aftermarket RV Gauges

By Joel Donaldson Back in the days of slant sixes and turbo-fire V8s, one of the easiest ways to distinguish a luxury car from its less-expensive counterpart was to check out the dashboard. The more lights, the more expensive the vehicle. At the other end of the price scale were vehicles like the Ford Falcon, […]

Solar RV Kits, Things to Know Before You Buy

By Anne Clarke Recreational Vehicle (or RV for short) owners are in a unique position to take advantage of solar power. The twelve volt (12V) power system used in most RVs can be easily modified to accommodate solar augmentation. The question facing RV owners looking to purchase solar panels is usually this. How much solar […]

How Water Pumps Work

By PL Garcia A water pump is usually used to create and maintain a certain amount of water pressure. This is important because there are times when taking a shower or flushing a toilet with a minimal amount of water just isn’t enough. Imagine if you took a shower and only had a trickle of […]

Caravan Parks More Popular As Holiday Makers Stay At Home

By Chris Needham UK Caravan parks are preparing themselves for what they hope will be a sizzling summer as holiday makers favour holidays at home instead of going abroad Caravan Park owners are experiencing higher than average bookings for their summer season and many attribute this to the credit crunch. It appears the cost of […]

My Dream RV Rental Vacation

By George Palmer My dream RV rental vacation starts at the Van Nuys El Monte RV Rental Station. Especially when the snow flies outside my window, my minds eye turns to memories of the Central Valley and of the Eastern Slope areas of California. The unique visual fusion of deserts and mountains found there is […]

Improve Your RV Refrigerator Performance With a Cooling Fan

By Mark Corgan When the temperature gets hot out, your RV refrigerator can struggle to keep it’s temperature cool enough to avoid food spoilage and to keep your beer at the perfect drinking chilliness. There are several factors that contribute to refrigerator efficiency, such as the sun beating down on the refrigerator side of your […]

Selling Solar Power RV Products

By Edward Dean The beauty of having an RV is the freedom to go just about anywhere you can drive it. The beauty of selling solar power RV products is that they allow those freedom seekers to have the convenience of power just about anywhere the sun shines! That includes the boondocks where people venture […]